Nutritional  Therapy

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BiaNaitre not only helps you use nutrition as a preventative solution to combating health problems but also supports you in establishing healthy nutritional reflexes when choosing how and what to prepare in your kitchen.

​These reflexes filter down into family traditions and habits, eventually preventing certain health issues even arising while developing a taste for and enjoying simple, delicious and fulfilling food.

  • Online Nutritional Consultations; supporting and educating clients on how to use nutrition to support their body's natural defences and resistance, ultimately using food as medicine. 

  • Pregnancy nutritional advice and recipes; tailored to each stage of pregnancy, preconception and postnatal care


  • Events & workshops;  discovering how to develop a healthy and balanced way of cooking and eating with professional nutritional advice. 


  • Therapeutic massage; complementing nutritional therapy in helping find balance in all systems of the body;  particularly improving digestion by reducing stress on many levels.  



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Certified Nutritional & Massage Therapist:  Consultation - Recipes - Massage - Workshops