Nutritional Consultations 

Naturopathic nutrition emphasises the use of whole and organic foods as medicine, helping to treat and heal many health concerns and conditions.


It works to bring together the principles of oriental medicine with more current, western nutritional research.


Nutritional online consultations are intended for ​​those seeking either to improve their overall health or address certain problems in particular (stress, digestive malfunction, sleep issues, excess weight, recurrent infections, arthritis, skin problems, pregnancy issues).

Online Consultations

"Green" Consultation/1hr - £ 54


"Gold" Consultation/ 1hr30 - £ 80

"Follow-up" Consultation (45 minutes) - £ 45

How does a consultation work?

  • Together we identify your eating and lifestyle habits and look at your and your family's’ health history

  • I establish an on measure and detailed nutritional and lifestyle plan presenting specific nutritional information, dietary advice and support relating to your concerns to help you meet your health goals. Through this plan, I will help you to find your balance and address any deficiencies while determining your nutritional needs.

  • By gradually developing the reflex to make the most intuitive 'nutritional food choice', you will be mindfully nourishing your body, bringing it back to vitality and reducing the risk for any cause of illness or disease.

  • A 'Follow-Up' consultation within 3 weeks of the first is encouraged. It is a moment for reflecting together on your improvements, struggles, challenges and successes. I can help you re-focus and adapt your nutritional and lifestyle plan accordingly to keep you motivated and challenged. Feeling supported, encouraged and understood is a necessity in making long-lasting health changes.  



Consultations work in partnership. My wish is to show you new ways

of healing and help you create new habits.



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