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As a qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist, I carry out my consultations in various well-being centres in Marseille.
One of the phrases that I hear often from my nutritional clients is ' I've done that since I was a child and I never realised it was bad for me'
This phrase, alongside time spent with my pregnant friends in search of nutritional advice, encourged me to share my knowledge with mothers to be and therefore the whole family.
Our health is not only the reflection of the world we were born into. We have the control of our genetic expression and that of our childrens' and the choices we make in terms of diet and lifestyle can influence this expression.
My objective with bia-naitre is to accompany you in each step of pregnancy , starting from pre-conception right through to post-natal care, thanks to a combination of tools, advice and workshops I offer: 
  • For this purpose, I have designed downloadable books of recipes and tips for each stage of pregnancy, in order to prepare the body of future mothers to withstand the new stresses to which they will be exposed.


  • Through a nutritional consultation, I can help you identity the roots to symtoms you may be suffering from, by looking at your eating and lifestyle habits. Simple check-ups are also possible.

  • As a massage therapist with over 14 years expericence, I offer both therapeutic and relaxation massage.

  • Everyone is welcome to participate in hands-on cooking and nutrition workshops.


Bia-naitre not only helps you use nutrition as a preventative solution but also helps you establish healthy nutritional reflexes when choosing ingredients and in food preparation 

These reflexes will filter down into family traditions and habits, preventing some health problems even arising. They are simple, delicious and fulfilling.

This will also help prevent you using medication that is often discouraged by doctors throughout pregnancy.

 La grossesse est une période de changements constants

Pregnancy is a period of constant change 

during which the body has specific nutrient requirements for each trimester and during the pre-conception and post-natal phases. However, identifying these nutrients can become a challenge.


Some women experience their pregnancy like an illness, and it is true that the annoyances are sometimes numerous, but they are natural and often have a meaning. All women are different and therefore, all pregnancies are different.

You will of course have hormonal surprises and then have to improvise. You may even find yourself saying "no one warned me about this! ".

Your body will adapt to all these changes, in addition to the stress that it is already facing every day without you being aware of it. The changes you make to your lifestyle and the way you and your child will nourish yourselves from pre-conception right through to the end of pregnancy will benefit you for years to come.

My mission is to help you find a balance between how you nourish your body and your mind, while allowing you to develop healthy reflexes throughout your pregnancy. Some changes such as the increase in appetite, energy fluctuation and cravings can be managed more easily by taking the time to listen to your body.

My parcours in the world of health...

began with my choice of university degree. In the career world of 'Environmental Health', I had the opportunity to work with school children and small communities. My job was to demonstrate to people why the health of their environment was important and how their behavior could either protect and improve this environment or damage it.

During my experience, I realized that I needed to share more on a personal level. That my real expertise was in assisting in  the development of personal pathways, so to improve the health of our own personal environment via the body and more particularly through massage.

I developed this know-how by completing various qualifications, sharing my knowledge throughout the last 14 years. I have worked in refugee centers, yoga studios, osteopathic clinics, at home and also in 5 star hotels in Scotland, Ireland, France, London and Nepal.

As a massasge therapist, I have the opportunity and the pleasure to learn a lot about a person. It is through this conscious exploration of the body, that with passion, I decided to take a closer look at nutrition.



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Certified Nutritional & Massage Therapist:  Consultation - Recipes - Massage - Workshops