Nutritional Consultations 

Nutritional consultations are intended for the whole family and of course for future mothers in order to overcome any worries, pains, tiredness, nausea and other symptoms that may be annoying on a day to day or occasional basis.

These consultations also are a way to learn how to develop 'nutritional food choice' reflexes and ensure healthy and balanced cooking.

But most importantly they help to give pregnant women and those to be, the knowledge and opportunity to nourish the development of their baby.


Through an online-consultation or at the clinic in Marseille:

  • Together we identify your eating and lifestyle habits

  • I help you determine your body's' nutritional needs and provide you with recommendations and tips for meeting those needs

  • We will establish a nutritional plan together to help you get back into balance and address any deficiencies

I invite you to book your consultation either by contacting me or by paying online via the link below

At this stage, you will receive a questionnaire to help both of us prepare for your consultation.


Indulge yourself and meet the needs of your body during a personalised massage, to ease pains and tensions or for a moment of relaxation for you and your baby.

By appointment at our wellness center in Marseille, you will receive a massage in a setting that is both quiet and beautiful.


Massages are always personalised and holistic, concentrating on either the whole physical body or a particular part, depending on the need. Client concerns are always listened and responded too.


Pregnancy massage is a favourite!

Together with 14 years of experience, my qualifications in Swedish, Sports and Thai-Yoga massage help me to offer a treatment that is therapeutic in nature.

I invite you to book your massage either by contacting me personally or online via the link below




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Certified Nutritional & Massage Therapist:  Consultation - Recipes - Massage - Workshops