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My parcours in the world of health...

began with my choice of university degree. In the career world of 'Environmental Health', I had the opportunity to work with school children and small communities. My job was to demonstrate to people why the health of their environment was important and how their behavior could either protect and improve this environment or damage it.

During my experience, I realized that I needed to share more on a personal level. That my real expertise was in assisting in  the development of personal pathways, so to improve the health of our own personal environment via the body and more particularly through massage.

I developed this know-how by completing various qualifications, sharing my knowledge throughout the last 15 years. I have worked in refugee centers, yoga studios, osteopathic clinics, at home and also in 5 star hotels in Scotland, Ireland, France, London and Nepal.

As a massasge therapist, I have the opportunity and the pleasure to learn a lot about a person. It is through this conscious exploration of the body, that with passion, I decided to take a closer look at nutrition.

My Qualifications 
Massage - Western School of Massage, Scotland (2003 -2005)
(Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy)
Naturopathic Nutrition - College of Naturopathic Medicine, London (2012 - 2015)
'Notre santé n’est pas uniquement le reflet du monde dans lequel nous sommes nés. Nous avons le contrôle sur notre expression génétique et celle de nos enfants et nos choix en termes de régime alimentaire, de style de vie et d’environnement l’influencent'



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Certified Nutritional & Massage Therapist:  Consultation - Recipes - Massage - Workshops