"Green" Online Consultation - 1hour  ( 60 euros)

"Green" Online Consultation - 1hour ( 60 euros)


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  • This online consulation involves;

    1 - That you respond to a series of questions in a health history questionnaire, ( I must emphasise the importance of detail and reflection in answering these questions) in order for me to gather the most information about your past and present health status and goals.

    2 - I will study and analyse your answers and respond with a personalised and be-spoke nutritional and lifestyle plan, relative to your health concerns and your body's needs. All information will be noted and sent to you via email ( recommenndations, dietary advise, tips, recipes...) 

    3 - I am fully present for you to call me and arrange an appointment if you need a deeper explanation or have any questions regarding the plan. ​

    Your role is to be open and honest so that we establish realistic benchmarks for your progression.

  • Once payment is made;

    you will directly receive a confirmation of your order and a questionnaire to complete 



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