Improve your fertility, prepare your body for pregnancy and support you and your babys' development 
throughout pregnancy with the help of recipes & guidance that have been nutritionally tailored for the
stages of preconception and the trimesters that follow.

- 1st Trimester - ( 10 euro )

- Preconception & Fertility - ( 10 euro )

- 2nd Trimester - ( 10 euro )

- 3rd Trimester - ( 10 euro )

- Set 4 booklets - ( 30 euro )

What can you find in the tailored packages ?


   A 25-30 page e-booklet with ;


- an informative and educational section detailing which essential nutrients              are required at your stage of pregnancy and why

- a simple visual aid of where you can find theses nutrients


- 11 recipes - you will find nourishing and healthy recipes and                                      recommendations for drinks, breakfasts, snacks/accompaniments, main                meals and desserts that will prepare you for pregnancy and help support              you throughout 


     1 package: 12 euros

     Complete set of 4: 35 euros


(Each package may vary in the number of recipes per category - as they are tailored, although there is always at least one in each category and 11 in total)




Your visit already shows your admirable motivation to learn more about how you can fulfill you and your
baby’s nutritional needs at these delicate stages. It is my pleasure to help you further in this desire !

Begin your own personalised nutritional journey with a one to one consultation. Your general health, dietary habits and lifestyle will be assessed and a plan devised in response to your health goals.


1 hour consultation : 60 euros

1 hour consultation & package : 67 euros

1 hour consultation & complete set of 4 : 99 euros


Let's meet and I'll give you a hand !


"Green" Online Consultation - 1hour ( 60 euros)

Qualified Nutritional Therapist . Consultations . Workshops . Pregnancy Health Recipes



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