Pregnancy (recipes and guidance)

Pregnancy is a period of constant change during which the body has specific nutrient requirements for each trimester and during the pre-conception and post-natal phases.

However, identifying these nutrients can be a challenge.

Some women experience their pregnancy like an illness, and it is true that these ‘annoyances’ can be numerous. It's important to remember that they are natural and often have meaning. All women are different and therefore, all pregnancies are unique.

Working to help nourish mothers-to-be is gift and a great opportunity for a nutritional therapist. We can assist in bringing about and sustaining life throughout this delicate

time and it is the moment where strong roots are formed to support a healthy growth and long life for mother and child.

Correct nutrition plays an essential role, which is why I like to work with future parents and why I have designed booklets highlighting the importance of certain nutrients and recipes to follow to fulfil this need. 

How is nutritional therapy helpful throughout pregnancy?

As a mother-to-be, you will, of course, have hormonal surprises and have to improvise in response. You may even find yourself saying "no one warned me about this! "

Your body will adapt to these changes, in addition to the hidden stresses that it is already facing day to day. The changes you make to your lifestyle and the way you (and your child) nourish yourselves from pre-conception right through to the end of pregnancy will benefit you for years to come.

My mission is to help you find a balance between how you nourish your body and your mind while allowing you to develop healthy reflexes throughout your pregnancy. Some changes such as the increase in appetite, energy fluctuation and cravings can be managed more easily by taking the time to listen to your body.

Nutritional Consultations help to give pregnant women and those to be, the knowledge and opportunity to nourish the development of their baby and so ultimately intended for the whole family.

If you would like a private consultation please click:  Online Nutritional Consultation

​Tailor-made recipe and guidance booklets 

I have created 4 e-booklets with guidance and recipes for each trimester of pregnancy and for the pre and post-natal stages. Recipes are designed around the nutrients in most need at that particular point in pregnancy, before and after.

With a nutritionally balanced diet it is possible to improve your fertility and prepare your body for a state of optimal and enhanced health, while in parallel supporting your baby's growth and development.

You will find in each booklet (25 -30 pages);


An informative section detailing which essential nutrients are required at your stage of pregnancy and why

  • A detailed memo showing where to find all these nutrients

  • 11 healthy and nourishing recipes for all meals and snacks of the day accompanied by nutritional tips and tricks


- Preconception & Fertility - ( 10 euro )
- 1st Trimester - ( 10 euro )
- 2nd Trimester - ( 10 euro )
- 3rd Trimester - ( 10 euro )
- Set 4 booklets - ( 30 euro )

Discover these booklets  - 8 £ (10 €) / booklet - 25 £ (30 € / the four



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